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Volume 21 No. 6
13 December 2016

Darpan Triboan,Liming Chen,Feng Chen,Zumin Wang

2016, 21(6): 581-597.   doi:10.1109/TST.2016.7787002
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With the growing aging population, age-related diseases have increased considerably over the years. In response to these, Ambient Assistive Living (AAL) systems are being developed and are continually evolving to enrich and support independent living. While most researchers investigate robust Activity Recognition (AR) techniques, this paper focuses on some of the architectural challenges of the AAL systems. This work proposes a system architecture that fuses varying software design patterns a...

Quanxin Zhao,Liang Xu,Yuming Mao,Supeng Leng,Geyong Min,Jia Hu,Noushin Najjari

2016, 21(6): 598-609.   doi:10.1109/TST.2016.7787003
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Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) is employed in a wide range of applications because it promises to expose computation-intensive tasks as services and combine them with new applications to accelerate their applications development process. For service-oriented multimedia applications, the performance of multicasting transmission services under multimedia traffic must be evaluated. Multiview Video (MVV) is a promising and emerging type of multimedia traffic that consists of multiple video s...

Donggang Cao,Peidong Liu,Wei Cui,Yehong Zhong,Bo An

2016, 21(6): 610-619.   doi:10.1109/TST.2016.7787004
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With the rapid development of cloud computing and big data processing, an increasing number of application frameworks are being considered to run in a “cloud way”. This development brings about several challenges to the enterprise private cloud computing platform, e.g., being able to run most existing heterogeneous applications, providing scalability and elasticity support for newly emerged frameworks, and most importantly, sharing cluster resources effectively. In this paper, we propose a ne...

Hong Zhong,Jingyu Wen,Jie Cui,Shun Zhang

2016, 21(6): 620-629.   doi:10.1109/TST.2016.7787005
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Vehicle Ad hoc NETworks (VANET) can enhance traffic safety and improve traffic efficiency through cooperative communication among vehicles, roadside infrastructure, and traffic management centers. To guarantee secure service provision in VANET, message authentication is important. Moreover, a vehicle user’s private information can also be leaked during service provision. A protection mechanism is needed to prevent such leakage. Therefore, we propose a conditional privacy-preserving and authen...

Zhiyuan Li,Panpan Wu

2016, 21(6): 630-642.   doi:10.1109/TST.2016.7787006
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Nowadays, both vehicular active safety service and user infotainment service have become two core applications for urban Vehicular Delay Tolerant Networks (uVDTNs). Both core applications require a high data transmission capacity over uVDTNs. In addition, the connection between any two vehicles in uVDTNs is intermittent and opportunistic. Intermittent data dissemination over uVDTNs is a stringent and challenging issue. In this paper, we propose Intermittent Geocast Routing (IGR). For the firs...

Dajie Ge,Zhijun Ding

2016, 21(6): 643-659.   doi:10.1109/TST.2016.7787007
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With the rapid development of the Internet, general-purpose web crawlers have increasingly become unable to meet people’s individual needs as they are no longer efficient enough to fetch deep web pages. The presence of several deep web pages in the websites and the widespread use of Ajax make it difficult for general-purpose web crawlers to fetch information quickly and efficiently. On the basis of the original Robots Exclusion Protocol (REP), a Robots Exclusion and Guidance Protocol (REGP) i...

Zhifeng Zhong,Kun Chen,Xiaojun Zhai,Shuange Zhou

2016, 21(6): 660-667.   doi:10.1109/TST.2016.7787008
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Virtualization technology has been widely used to virtualize single server into multiple servers, which not only creates an operating environment for a virtual machine-based cloud computing platform but also potentially improves its efficiency. Currently, most task scheduling-based algorithms used in cloud computing environments are slow to convergence or easily fall into a local optimum. This paper introduces a Greedy Particle Swarm Optimization (G&PSO) based algorithm to solve the task ...

Min Li,Zhibei Niu,Xiaopei Chen,Ping Zhong,Fangxiang Wu,Yi Pan

2016, 21(6): 668-677.   doi:10.1109/TST.2016.7787009
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Essential proteins are those necessary for the survival or reproduction of species and discovering such essential proteins is fundamental for understanding the minimal requirements for cellular life, which is also meaningful to the disease study and drug design. With the development of high-throughput techniques, a large number of Protein-Protein Interactions (PPIs) can be used to identify essential proteins at the network level. Up to now, though a series of network-based computational metho...

Shaoping Lu,Taijiang Mu,Songhai Zhang

2016, 21(6): 678-695.   doi:10.1109/TST.2016.7787010
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Multiview video can provide more immersive perception than traditional single 2-D video. It enables both interactive free navigation applications as well as high-end autostereoscopic displays on which multiple users can perceive genuine 3-D content without glasses. The multiview format also comprises much more visual information than classical 2-D or stereo 3-D content, which makes it possible to perform various interesting editing operations both on pixel-level and object-level. This survey ...