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Volume 24 No. 1
05 February 2019

Wenzhou Wu, Zhi Liu, Jun Zheng, Yuhua Zuo, Buwen Cheng

2019, 24(1): 1-8.   doi:10.26599/TST.2018.9010065
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A novel lateral Ge/Si avalanche photodiode without a charge region is investigated herein using device physical simulation. High field is provided by the band-gap barrier and build-in field at the Ge/...

Dawid Połap, Marcin Woźniak

2019, 24(1): 9-17.   doi:10.26599/TST.2018.9010066
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The amount of digital data is increasing every day. At every step of our daily lives, we deal with technologies in which our data are stored (e.g., mobile phones and laptops), and this is one of the main reasons for the design of various types of encryption and user identity verification algorithms. These algorithms are meant not only to fulfill the desire of protecting data but also to address the possibility of granting access of specific digital data to selected individuals. This process b...

Yadong Huang, Yueting Chai, Yi Liu, Jianping Shen

2019, 24(1): 18-29.   doi:10.26599/TST.2018.9010067
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E-commerce, driven by computer and internet technology, has experienced a significant growth in almost all fields during the past two decades. E-commerce has significantly changed the rules of business. Numerous research institutions and enterprises have made e-commerce more intelligent and convenient. Here, we propose a novel prototype of next-generation e-commerce platform with an architecture framework and theoretical models. Each subject, including the individual, enterprise, and administ...

Hongli Zhang, Cong Wang, Wenhui Fan

2019, 24(1): 30-43.   doi:10.26599/TST.2018.9010068
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Dynamic Reactive Power Optimization (DRPO) is a large-scale, multi-period, and strongly coupled nonlinear mixed-integer programming problem that is difficult to solve directly. First, to handle discrete variables and switching operation constraints, DRPO is formulated as a nonlinear constrained two-objective optimization problem in this paper. The first objective is to minimize the real power loss and the Total Voltage Deviations (TVDs), and the second objective is to minimize incremental sys...

Weiwei Jiang, Lin Zhang

2019, 24(1): 52-64.   doi:10.26599/TST.2018.9010033
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Traffic forecasting has been an active research field in recent decades, and with the development of deep-learning technologies, researchers are trying to utilize deep learning to achieve tremendous improvements in traffic forecasting, as it has been seen in other research areas, such as speech recognition and image classification. In this study, we summarize recent works in which deep-learning methods were applied for geospatial data-based traffic forecasting problems. Based on the insights ...

Yuzhu Cheng, Weiping Wang, Jianxin Wang, Haodong Wang

2019, 24(1): 65-76.   doi:10.26599/TST.2018.9010003
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Firewalls are crucial elements that enhance network security by examining the field values of every packet and deciding whether to accept or discard a packet according to the firewall policies. With the development of networks, the number of rules in firewalls has rapidly increased, consequently degrading network performance. In addition, because most real-life firewalls have been plagued with policy conflicts, malicious traffics can be allowed or legitimate traffics can be blocked. Moreover,...

Yu Liu, Shuting Dong, Mingming Lu, Jianxin Wang

2019, 24(1): 77-85.   doi:10.26599/TST.2018.9010007
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Reserve allocation is a significant problem faced by commercial banking businesses every day. To satisfy the cash requirement of customers and abate the vault cash pressure, commercial banks need to appropriately allocate reserves for each bank outlet. Excessive reserve would impact the revenue of bank outlets. Low reserves cannot guarantee the successful operation of bank outlets. Considering the reserve requirement is effected by the past cash balance, we deal the reserve allocation problem...