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Volume 24 No. 2
05 April 2019

Bangbang Ren, Geyao Cheng, Deke Guo

2019, 24(2): 147-159.   doi:10.26599/TST.2018.9010072
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The use of multicast transmission can efficiently reduce the consumption of network resources by jointly serving multiple destinations with a single source node. Currently, many multicast applications impose the constraint wherein multicast flows must be processed by a series of Virtual Network Functions (VNFs) before reaching their destinations. Given a multicast transmission, there are usually multiple server nodes, each of which is able to host all the required VNFs. Thus, the multicast fl...

Shuai Liu, Weitong Zhang, Xiaojun Wu, Shuo Feng, Xin Pei, Danya Yao

2019, 24(2): 160-170.   doi:10.26599/TST.2018.9010073
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In the connected vehicle environment, real-time vehicle-state data can be obtained through vehicle-to-infrastructure communication, and the prediction accuracy of urban traffic conditions can significantly increase. This study uses the C++/Qt programming language and framework to build a simulation platform. A two-way six-lane intersection is set up on the simulation platform. In addition, two speed guidance algorithms based on optimizing the travel time of a single vehicle or multiple vehicl...

Haoyang Zhu, Xiaoyong Li, Qiang Liu, Hao Zhu

2019, 24(2): 171-182.   doi:10.26599/TST.2018.9010051
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Skyline group, also named as combinational skyline or group-based skyline, has attracted more attention recently. The concept of skyline groups is proposed to address the problem in the inadequacy of the traditional skyline to answer queries that need to analyze not only individual points but also groups of points. Skyline group algorithms aim at finding groups of points that are not dominated by any other same-size groups. Although two types of dominance relationship exist between the groups...

Li Sun, Shan Sun, Tianlei Wang, Jiyun Li, Jingsheng Lin

2019, 24(2): 195-206.   doi:10.26599/TST.2018.9010074
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Adverse Drug Reaction (ADR) is one of the major challenges to the evaluation of drug safety in the medical field. The Bayesian Confidence Propagation Neural Network (BCPNN) algorithm is the main algorithm used by the World Health Organization to monitor ADRs. Currently, ADR reports are collected through the spontaneous reporting system. However, with the continuous increase in ADR reports and possible use scenarios, the efficiency of the stand-alone ADR detection algorithm will encounter cons...

Zhenyang Wang, Zhidong Deng, Shiyao Wang

2019, 24(2): 207-215.   doi:10.26599/TST.2018.9010044
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Semantic segmentation is a fundamental topic in computer vision. Since it is required to make dense predictions for an entire image, a network can hardly achieve good performance on various kinds of scenes. In this paper, we propose a cascade coarse-to-fine network called CasNet, which focuses on regions that are difficult to make pixel-level labels. The CasNet comprises three branches. The first branch is designed to produce coarse predictions for easy-to-label pixel regions. The second one ...

Jiaqi Zhang, Xiaowei Cui, Hailong Xu, Sihao Zhao, Mingquan Lu

2019, 24(2): 216-225.   doi:10.26599/TST.2018.9010125
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As an effective deceptive interference technique for military navigation signals, meaconing can be divided into two main types: those that replay directly and those that replay after signal separation. The latter can add different delays to each satellite signal and mislead the victim receiver with respect to any designated position, thus has better controllability and concealment capability. A previous study showed there to be two main spatial processing techniques for separating military si...

Guohua Xi, Xibin Zhao, Yan Liu, Jin Huang, Yangdong Deng

2019, 24(2): 226-237.   doi:10.26599/TST.2018.9010114
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Railway transportation plays an important role in modern society. As China’s massive railway transportation network continues to grow in total mileage and operation density, the energy consumption of trains becomes a serious concern. For any given route, the geographic characteristics are known a priori, but the parameters (e.g., loading and marshaling) of trains vary from one trip to another. An extensive analysis of the train operation data suggests that the control gear operation of trains...

Yongde Guo, Hongbing Ma

2019, 24(2): 238-248.   doi:10.26599/TST.2018.9010123
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Image blind deblurring uses an estimated blur kernel to obtain an optimal restored original image with sharp features from a degraded image with blur and noise artifacts. This method, however, functions on the premise that the kernel is estimated accurately. In this work, we propose an adaptive patch prior for improving the accuracy of kernel estimation. Our proposed prior is based on local patch statistics and can rebuild low-level features, such as edges, corners, and junctions, to guide ed...