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Volume 23 No. 5
05 October 2018

Dawei Li, Jianwei Liu, Zongyang Zhang, Qianhong Wu, Weiran Liu

2018, 23(5): 539-549.   doi:10.26599/TST.2018.9010023
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Hierarchical Identity-Based Broadcast Encryption (HIBBE) organizes users into a tree-like structure, and it allows users to delegate their decryption ability to subordinates and enable encryption to any subset of users while only intended users can decrypt. However, current HIBBE schemes do not support efficient revocation of private keys. Here, a new primitive called Revocable Hierarchical Identity-Based Broadcast Encryption (RHIBBE) is formalized that allows revocation of the HIBBE. Ciphert...

Ming Tang, Yuguang Li, Yanbin Li, Pengbo Wang, Dongyan Zhao, Weigao Chen, Huanguo Zhang

2018, 23(5): 574-585.   doi:10.26599/TST.2018.9010024
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Masking is one of the most commonly used Side-Channel Attack (SCA) countermeasures and is built on a security framework, such as the ISW framework, and ensures theoretical security through secret sharing. Unfortunately, the theoretical security cannot guarantee practical security, because several possible weaknesses may exist in the actual implementation. These weaknesses likely come from the masking schemes or are introduced by the implementation methods. Finding the possible weakness of the...

Ming Tang, Maixing Luo, Junfeng Zhou, Zhen Yang, Zhipeng Guo, Fei Yan, Liang Liu

2018, 23(5): 586-598.   doi:10.26599/TST.2018.9010047
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Existing Side-Channel Attacks (SCAs) have several limitations and, rather than to be real attack methods, can only be considered to be security evaluation methods. Their limitations are mainly related to the sampling conditions, such as the trigger signal embedded in the source code of the encryption device, and the acquisition device that serves as the encryption-device controller. Apart from it being very difficult for an attacker to add a trigger into the original design before making an a...

Kai Fan, Hui Li, Wei Jiang, Chengsheng Xiao, Yintang Yang

2018, 23(5): 610-620.   doi:10.26599/TST.2018.9010031
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With the increasing popularity of fintech, i.e., financial technology, the e-commerce market has grown rapidly in the past decade, such that mobile devices enjoy unprecedented popularity and are playing an ever-increasing role in e-commerce. This is especially true of mobile payments, which are attracting increasing attention. However, the occurrence of many traditional financial mishaps has exposed the challenges inherent in online authentication technology that is based on traditional modes...